Our Management

Dr O.P.Bhalla

(1947 - 2013)

Founder Visionary, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions

Slowly but surely the society around is beginning to pay a lot of attention to sports as a means of fitness. It is this fitness which Dr O.P.Bhalla focused on and gave so much attention to. This is because he was a Visionary who always looked much ahead of time. He sowed the seed of Vidyantariksha which was meant to spread its branches and grow into a huge tree spreading education and knowledge. But for him knowledge also enveloped fitness through sports. He believed that the mind and the body both had to remain fit. A sportsman himself, he made sports a part of his daily regime and desired that sports went hand- in -hand with knowledge at the school and university level of education. Today all the Institutions at Manav Rachna Educational Institutions have sports as an integral part of learning.

Dr Prashant Bhalla

President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions
(Recipient of Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar)

At the Manav Rachna Educational Institutions we believe in the highest level of competence, integrity and ethical standards. Through sports we want our members not only to indulge in a regular sports regime, but immerse in the sport they like best. Our motto is to provide you with the best training coupled with infra structure that meets world standards. We want each one of you not only to be totally involved in your game, but participate to your best ability while we take care of your health regime. With trained personnel to guide you in your day to day play and fitness system, we are confident you will not only be able to better your sports talent but reach where few only dare to dream. Our sports training are intended to lead to an improvement in your game at national and international level.

We have coaches who keep their players motivated and focused and teach you to handle the stress of competitions with perfect ease. Welcome to our Sports Academy and de-stress, network and play your game with a new vision

Dr Amit Bhalla

Vice President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions
(Recipient of Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar)

The Manav Rachna Educational Institutions is a doorsill for those who believe in surrendering themselves to one word: SPORTS. Come to us prepared to forfeit your mind and soul to the sport you love. Your motivator should be only one: your love for your sport or your team. Once you've prepared mentally and physically for your game, then you are ready to do your best--and your best is the best you can do.

And it is this best that the Manav Rachna Educational Institutions focuses on. With the help of professionalized coaches who are chosen from the best across the world, we give you an opportunity not only to groom yourself but to indulge in what you like best. Sports is an arena where only the best can win. We constantly keep upgrading your skills making use of a world class infra structure available to you at the Academy. We also believe in the "next play" motto which reminds players to leave their mistakes behind, train them to focus on their short comings and thus do their best in the coming moments. This philosophy, this mantra only allows you to reach your milestones.

Come join us. Enjoy your game while we train you to achieve your dreams.

Sarkar Talwar

Director-Sports, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions
Dronacharya Awardee (Lifetime Category)

We at MRSA have taken a holistic approach to each student's academic, athletic and personal development. By working together in an integrated manner, a team of highly committed and passionate professionals deliver the core elements of the programs. It is exciting to see their collaborative efforts bearing fruit, as they continue to assist and inspire young people achieve their goals in school, sports and life.

While we offer facilities in various fields of sports, there are many more which are on the anvil. We are excited by the level of partnerships that this Academy has generated with renowned sports brands like STAG, YONEX, TAYLORMADE and Adidas. The expertise and credibility that these partnerships provide are invaluable in attracting young people to the programs. Students from afar are already travelling to access the programs we offer at MRSA. We value their commitment and investment in their future. What delights me especially, is their effort to integrate and contribute to the emerging performance-oriented culture. I wish all our students a very bright future and hope there would be many more such promising young people who would join us on the road to a career in sports.

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