Soccer is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world's most popular sport. Manav Rachna is offering Soccer with the commitment towards the development of every participant.

Wish To Know How ?

To ensure that every child who attends progresses, the coaches will spend an initial period assessing and evaluating their performance to ensure that they are grouped with children of a similar level and age. The coaches then work with each group and child to improve skill levels resulting in game knowledge and improved technical & tactical skills.

Programs Offered


The programs are designed keeping the 360 degree view of the players ranging from performance to endurance. We have set divided batches so as to provide fair play chance to all players to enhance their performance. A one day free trial classes are offered which give an overview to the coach about the child and its quite crucial for us to make the child feel welcome to the environment and from there the game starts after achieving a bond of trust.

Location Nature of Branch Timing Days
MRSA, Sector-14 Batch 1 (U-5 to U-10) 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm Tues, Thurs, Friday
MRSA, Sector-14 Batch 2 (U-5 to U-10) 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm Tues, Thurs, Friday
MRSA, Sector-14 Batch 1 (U-12 to U-18) 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm Mon, Wed, Friday
MRSA, Sector-14 Batch 2 (U-12 to U-18) 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm Mon, Wed, Friday

The Game Plan

  • Methodologies: Our vision at MRSA will be to strive to create and nurture a valuable experience. To reach this goal we have experienced coaches who have trade their marks as players here in India and abroad, with vast experience, understanding the Indian methodology whereby balancing the European methodology to develop the skills, fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship, and to foster and perpetuate these qualities at all level of their soccer growth.
  • Resources: We have created an environment where our players develop a love for the game of soccer. To achieve this goal we teach a creative, attacking, and possession style soccer but on a foundation of strong technical skills. We strive to foster an environment free from fear of failure as we want our players to explore and be creative without the fear of making mistakes. MRSA believe that such an environment with no limitation is where our players can grow the most and realize their potential.
  • Skills & Safety: MRSA exists to provide the highest level of quality soccer training, and to enhance their social/emotional and physical health, in a positive and safe environment.
  • Attitude & Adapt: We strive to develop our players psychologically, and aim to teach our players valuable lessons through competitions and preparing them for challenges they will face both on and off the field. While we stress that winning is not always important, ultimately we are a competitive sports academy and will strive to win every game but we want to do so in a manner that is consistent with our vision.
Coaches Profile
Micheal Bassey (Head Coach)

Michael is a professional footballer and has played for clubs in India with clubs in Nepal , Khazakstan. Micheal started his coaching career my with Khlieriat West Sports Club Jowai Jaintia hills Meghalaya India. With perfect blend of Indian culture and European methodology, Micheal makes his coaching sessions a fun-filled and multi-dimensional.

Total Coaching Experience 10+ Years

  • 2012: Coach at Khliehriat Sports Club
  • 2013: Coach at Malki Sports Club
  • 2013-18: Coach at Arsenal Soccer School, India On Track
  • 2018- till Date: Head Coach at Manav Rachna Sports Academy

Major Achievements

  • Team Member of Rangdajit FC, Shillong in2013
  • Team Member of Malki Sports Club, Shillong in 2011-12
  • Team Member of Astana FC Team B, Astana, Kazakhstan in 2010-11
  • Team Member of Shillong Lajong FC, Meghalaya in 2008-10
  • Team Member of Khilhehriat Sports Club, Meghalaya in 2007-08
  • Team Member of Manag Mashargdi FC, Kathmandu in 2006-07
  • Team Member of Tempang FC, Meghalaya in 2005-06
  • Team Member of Central Railway FC, Mumbai in 2002
  • Team Member of Al Banaya FC Team B, United Arab Emirates in 2000-01

Govind Bisht (Assistant Coach )

Govind holds an AIFF D License, is an avid football player and comes with the enriched experience of coaching in various soccer clubs..

Total Coaching Experience 5+ Years

  • 2017: Coach at PSG French Club, Gurugram
  • 2018: Coach at La Liga Soccer School, Vasant Kunj
  • 2019 - Till Date: Coach at Manav Rachna Sports Academy

Major Achievements

  • Team Member of Delhi Team, participated in Open Nationals
  • Team Member of Victory FC, participated in Delhi Football League A-Division
  • Team Member of CISF, participated in All India Tournament, Rourkela
  • Team Member of Delhi Team (U-19), participated in Open Nationals
  • Team Member of Delhi Team (U-21), participated in Open Nationals

Ajay (Assistant Coach)

Total Coaching Experience 5+ Years

  • 2014: Coach at Sant Sujaan Singh School, Delhi
  • 2014: Head Coach (Under-15) at Boy’s United Football Academy, Vasant Kunj
  • 2015: Coach at Manthan Foundation, Rohini
  • 2015-16: Coach at Impact Academy (Under-13 Boy’s), Vasant Kunj
  • 2017-21: Green Park Sports Complex (Under-15 Boy’s)
  • 2021-till Date: Coach at Manav Rachna Sports Academy

Major Achievements

  • India Camp (U-14), Mumbai in 2009
  • Member of Sports Esprit Academy (U-14), England 2012-13
  • Member of Minerva Football Club in I-League, 2017
  • Runner Up in Coca Cola Cup, 2012
  • Champion All India Tournament, Meerut in 2018
  • Champion All India Tournament, Meerut in 2017
  • 3rd position in Sr. Division Delhi League with Friends United Football Club, 2017
  • Participation in Subrotho Cup (Under-14), 2010

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